Prioritise Emotional Intelligence and build a team of high-performing people


Prioritise Emotional Intelligence and build a team of high-performing people


Emotional Intelligence and Soft Skills development programs to transform your organisation – from people to productivity to performance.

Are your leaders equipped to create and develop resilient high-performing teams?

Or does your organisation have a Soft Skills gap that’s causing resistance to change, increased stress, and reduced productivity, performance and profit?

Would you like to integrate Emotional Intelligence and other essential Soft Skills into your workplace culture and give your organisation a competitive edge?

Research from The 2020 LinkedIn Workplace Learning Report shows that 75% of organisations are experiencing a gap in Soft Skills.

That means they’re not taking advantage of the proven benefits emotionally intelligent leaders create, from higher staff retention to safer, more productive workplaces.

Is your organisation ready to join the 25% that are?

‘Working with Lisa Evans was so insightful.

She provided me with practical tools to enhance my message, and I gained new insights and confidence.

She offered great techniques to help me prepare my mindset and attitude.’

Fadzi Whande

Global Diversity & Inclusion Strategist

‘Lisa helped to make sure that I was telling my story so that the audience was immediately engaged and wanted to hear more, right through to a strong ending.  Thanks so very much, Lisa, for all your help, which will stay with me the rest of my life and makes me regret that I didn’t have this type of coaching much earlier in my life.’

Charlie Bass

CEO, Centre for Entrepreneurial Research and Innovation

‘Coaching with Lisa Evans provided constructive, challenging insight about how I framed my messages.

The power of creating a human centred story to convey, effectively, a technical message was a big revelation to me. I will now take that insight into my presentations.’

Dr Michael Robertson

Science Director, CSIRO

In a world where job roles are changing rapidly, Soft Skills will be one of the few constants.’

Chris Jones – CEO City & Guilds, UK

Enhance your performance with emotionally intelligent leaders


Emotionally intelligent leaders understand the importance of using emotions effectively, for themselves and for other people, from staff to stakeholders.

They are better able to identify what motivates and matters to their team members. So, they know how to respond in a meaningful way that drives improvement and productivity.

In an era where workplace mental health injuries now exceed physical injuries, this leads to a healthier workforce and a healthier bottom line.

Emotionally intelligent leaders are more likely to integrate their skills into their organisation to create lasting cultural change that drives higher staff engagement.

Teams with higher engagement are:


More likely to have lower turnover


More likely to have higher-than-average customer loyalty


More likely to have above-average productivity


More likely to report higher profitability

Achieve tangible results with Soft Skills Academy’s expert trainers

With Soft Skills Academy, your organisation’s leaders can complete a range of essential Soft Skills training programs designed and delivered by a subject matter expert.

You can feel confident your investment will provide actionable learnings that return tangible results and rewards for your organisation in the following areas:

emotional intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

Develop your leadership team’s Emotional Intelligence. Equip them with greater self-awareness, empathy and resilience to create a high-performing workplace.



Improve collaboration in your workplace and create high levels of peer-to-peer trust, which drives creative thinking and productivity.



Build more cohesive, engaged teams using open, effective, clear conversation. Share meaningful ideas with compelling business communication.

Flexible training options to match your organisation’s needs

Lisa Evans and her network of Soft Skills Academy trainers have the proven competency, experience and flexibility to deliver programs that meet your people’s changing needs.

Whether you require your training programs to be delivered in person, online, on site or any combination of these, contact Lisa to discuss.

The evidence is increasingly compelling. The measurable, learnable skills of Emotional Intelligence make a significant impact on organisational performance.’

Genos Business Case

Lisa Evans is an accredited trainer who has successfully coached 1,000’s of leaders since 2014

certified speaking coach

Soft Skills Academy CEO, Lisa Evans, is a highly experienced, accredited trainer and coach, trusted by:

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Put your organisation on the pathway to enhanced performance

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