Give your people the leading edge with our Soft Skills programs


Give your people the leading edge with our Soft Skills programs

Investing in Soft Skills training and Emotional Intelligence development with Soft Skills Academy gives your people and your business the opportunity to excel.


Since the 1990s, research has shown that when organisations commit to relevant Emotional Intelligence and Soft Skills training, they experience a range of benefits including:

  • attracting, selecting and retaining quality people who strengthen and boost organisational productivity, performance and profitability
  • superior leadership that improves team interactions, relationships, engagement and performance
  • lower absenteeism and turnover with a reduction in associated costs
  • fewer mental health injuries resulting in a healthier, happier and more engaged workforce
  • better stakeholder engagement cultivating stronger relationships and delivering more successful project outcomes
  • effective business communication generating more clarity and connection internally and externally
  • increased sales performance and a more rewarding experience for customers
  • a heightened ability to manage change and accept, adapt to and cope with challenging workplace situations
  • collaborative creative thinking leading to innovation and continuous improvement.


Equip your leaders with the super skills of today with

Soft Skills Academy


Our Emotional Intelligence and Soft Skills training programs are developed and delivered by qualified, experienced subject matter experts to align with your business requirements.

‘Employers who currently provide Soft Skills training have seen a
positive impact on their employees, productivity and bottom line.’

Cameron Bishop 


emotional intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EI) or emotional quotient (EQ) is a set of skills that help us better perceive, understand and manage emotions in ourselves and in others.

Our Emotional Intelligence Training Programs help leaders develop greater:

  • self-awareness
  • empathy
  • resilience.

Leaders with highly developed Emotional Intelligence are well equipped to help themselves and others cope with workplace changes and challenges.

Armed with a greater understanding of how emotions impact behaviours, interactions and performance, they can create more healthy, productive and profitable organisations.


We offer Emotional Intelligence training and development assessments for leaders:

Emotional Intelligence Development Assessment

The Emotionally Intelligent Leader

The Resilient Leader

The Mindful Leader

The Engaging Leader.

Emotional Intelligence skills you will focus on include resilience, mindfulness, empathy, engaging others, inspiring performance and authenticity.

Give Lisa a call today and she’ll help you identify the most relevant program to meet your team’s training needs.




According to Harvard Business Review, people are spending 50% more time on collaborative activities than 20 years ago.

Our Workplace Collaboration training programs are designed to encourage a more collaborative approach in your workplace resulting in:

higher levels of peer-to-peer trust
● more creative thinking and innovation
● increased capacity to manage stressful situations together

Leaders that facilitate collaboration can reduce workplace conflict and eliminate toxic work environments by introducing more inclusive resolution strategies.

Understanding the elements that foster collaboration can result in team members listening effectively, solving problems together and supporting each other in a positive, productive environment.

Soft Skills Academy offers the following Workplace Collaboration training programs:

Effective listening

Time management 

Improvisation for leaders

 Decision making 

Problem solving


Soft Skills Academy has the flexibility to customise your training to meet your specific requirements. Whether you need your training programs delivered in person, online, on site or a combination of these, we can help.

If you’d like to develop your leadership team’s communication and public speaking skills – call Lisa Evans today.



Effective communication is the centrepiece of every successful sales and business relationship.

Our Communication training programs are designed to build influence and engagement by developing open, effective conversation and clear, compelling business communication to:

  • present relevant, engaging and meaningful ideas
  • educate, motivate and persuade others to support you
  • convey powerful messages through compelling business storytelling.

Leaders who communicate with confidence, clarity and credibility have the power to engage and persuade audiences with high-impact public speaking skills.

Whether they’re presenting to their team, their board of directors or an international conference, they can build trust and make a positive impact with ease.

Soft Skills Academy offers the following Communication training programs:

Facilitating effective and open conversation

Business communication

Public speaking

Presentation skills for business

Business storytelling

Body language and non-verbal communication

Leadership presence.

If you’d like to develop your leadership team’s communication and public speaking skills – call Lisa Evans today.

Prefer a customised training solution?

 If you have specific needs for your organisation’s training – please get in touch.

Soft Skills Academy’s subject matter specialists have the skill and flexibility to work with you to co-create a suitable solution